December 2016

SENCO - Mrs Y. Davies      SEND Governor - Mrs B. Dimmock

Olive Hill is committed to providing an appropriate and high quality of education for all children.  We believe that all children, including those identified as having a special educational need or a disability (SEND) have an entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum, which is accessible to them, and to be fully included in all aspects of school life.  This section of our website aims to help by providing an outline of what we can offer here at Olive Hill.


Working with families

At Olive Hill we know that all parents and carers want the best for their children and hope they will be happy and achieve their potential at school.  We believe that success in the education of our children depends on how parents, carers and school work together and this is particularly so when a child has additional needs.  We will always take into account your views to inform the provision we put in place for your child.



The process of identifying that a child might need additional support or assessment at Olive Hill will involve a conversation between the school and parents or carers at the earliest opportunity.  This makes sure that parents and carers are always consulted at every step and kept fully informed about the help their child is given.  Olive Hill School recognises the importance of early identification, assessment and provision.  All staff will make use of a range of information to inform the identification of an SEN Support child.  the range of information could include:

• Information arising from the child's previous educational experiences to provide starting
  points for the development of an appropriate curriculum for the child.

• Observation of the child in the school environment focusing attention on the child's skills
  and highlighting areas for early action to support the child's learning.

• Use ongoing assessment processes to identify individual strengths and any learning

• Staff may identify your child as needing additional support during professional Pupil
  Progress meetings.



Specific assessments and diagnostic tools may be used where appropriate. Where pupils are falling behind or they are making inadequate progress given their age and starting point they will be identified as needing extra support.  Following professional discussion and liaison with parents the SENCO may suggest that referral to an appropriate agency may need to be made to assess whether your child should be identified as needing SEN Support.  A member of staff will request your consent to refer your child to the appropriate agency.


At Olive Hill we work closely with a number of agencies who are able to make detailed professional assessments which will allow us to provide the most appropriate provision to support your child's needs.  We liaise closely with Learning Support Service, the Educational Psychologist, Speech & Language Therapists, the Visual Impairment Team and other Services appropriate to the specific needs of your child.



Appropriate provision will be available for your child.  We are able to provide appropriate support and interventions with skilled, trained staff.  The provision your child receives will be tailored specifically to your child's needs as advised by the agencies involved and discussed with you as a parents.  Any specific equipment suggested to support your child will be provided by school, for example a sloped surface for a desk or special pens to aid handwriting suggested by Occupational Therapy.


Olive Hill has trained teachers in Reading Recovery, Teaching Assistants trained in Better Reading Partnership and Phonics intervention support.  A number of Teaching Assistants have been trained to lead specialist support interventions such as Get Moving!  We have supported a wide range of children with Special Needs at Olive Hill and are able to provide for a full range of appropriate support for your child.


There are some areas in which your child may require additional support:

• learning difficulties - in acquiring basic skills in school

• emotional and behavioural difficulties - making friends or relating to adults or behaving
  properly in school

• specific learning difficulty - with reading, writing, number work or understanding

• sensory or physical needs - such as hearing or visual impairment, which might affect
  them in school

• communication problems - in expressing themselves or understanding


If your child is receiving additional support because of a Special Educational Need or Disability they will need to have an SEN Support Plan.  The SEN Support Plan gives details of the specific targets your child is working towards and the support your child will receive to help them achieve these targets.


You will be invited into school to talk about how your child is progressing - what is working and what we might need to do differently.  This meeting is in addition to our Parents' Evenings.  Coming to these review conversations gives you an opportunity to talk in greater detail about the support that is in place for your child and to ask questions or give us information about your child.  Your child will also be asked to give their views.




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